PyeongChang 2018 Official App App Reviews

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Great for Fans

I have never felt more connected to the Olympic Winter Games than I have with this app. It is a cool experience. If you are watching on the television, you can look down at the app and see that the Knierims just scored, and you can see it before they announce it on the tv. It is slightly sad that it does not allow us to watch the events in real time, but it is like a fun little partner that shows you stats, scores, news, cool pictures, information about athletes, events, and a whole bunch of other fun things. If you like that sort of thing, it is definitely for you.

Worst application ever!!!!

This has to be the most frustrating application ever!!! This is so bad it makes me want to pull my hair off!!! You people have no business running an application! This us bad!!!! If I could give you negative stars I would!! One star is too much for this horrible, HORRIBLE application!


If you are going to have a choice to have an app in a foreign language, shouldn’t the entire thing be in that language? If you have links, (for example the pins, and the olympic merchandise) why does it only show up in Korean?

Doesn’t show medals

The medals screen is blank so you can’t see the specific athletes who medalled

Just Plain Doesn’t Work

So so many things just don’t work. Example: women’s super-g results show a list of names. You can tap on an athlete, but nothing happens except a little blink. Also, the results are in order of placement, with the athlete’s starting position and bib number, but those are the same numbers. What the results are missing is what place the athlete finished. Yes, they are in order, but when you’ve scrolled past a dozen or so results, it’s easy to lose track. The rest of the app is just as senseless.

The app is a day behind

This is a horrible app. The UI is bad and the results are a day old. I’m giving up, and removing this.


Not very useful. Cost $20 ...

Not working on JB device

Another BS of app. not working on JB device. Waste o time! Avoid!


Usability is so wrong, it make the app useless. I can only imagine the enormous budget paid by the Olympic committee...

Attention to detail

Does anything get proofread at all? It’s obvious that the writers are not native English speakers which is fine, but someone needs to look over this stuff before it’s posted.

Not good :(

I downloaded this app to follow women’s hockey. I marked women’s ice hockey as my only interest. I am getting notifications for MEN’S SKIING. I went to see the results of the game, and there is no way to know which one of three Canada goalies played in a particular game. I ‘clicked’ on a link ‘women’s ice hockey B round’ and the app shows me MENS games alongside womens games. Not good :(

So far not any good.

This app so far has not worked correctly at all for me. Not able to get the information I want. Full lists for any event/athlete won’t work.

The worst UX/UI I’ve ever seen

The design is ugly but the real problem is that the app is overall too complicated and not intuitive. WHY do we have to select the sports and countries that we’re interested in if the feature is not gonna be used anywhere? I thought we would be able to look up the schedule of our preferred sports that we selected, but it doesn’t appear that way. Bummed.

Tells you everything about the Olympics

No you can't watch the Olympics. But you can see the entire schedule. You can also learn about each sport and view all the medals. (USA is in fourth with a gold from snowboarding and a silver from the luge today.)

Notifications Don’t Work

I got this app so I could keep an eye out on everything going on by using their notification system to let me know anytime there is a medal event happening. It doesn’t work at all.


I was looking for the medal counts and came across this app and the Olympics Official app. I was blown away by the ability to recieve notifications whenever an event was starting and stopping... HUGE PRAISE THERE! However I didnt like that it wanted to know my location! 😨 I however was glad I could opt out of that feature! I really enjoyed the suprise cheer feature that let me cheer on the olympic athletes from the comfort of my home! As for the medal count after day 1 I found that no medals have been awared yet to the U.S.A ☹️ Outstanding app! 4/5. Must get! Better than the Olympics Official App!

Epic Fail

The Olympics are intended to unite Athletes and Countries with global spectators. At this writing, all I wanted was to see the opening ceremony, but was lead down a primrose path of political propaganda, bloatware and obvious censorship. Best of luck to the Athletes! I recommend finding a reputable SOURCE. And when you do, please let me KNOW. Thank you, and Good day - Matt

Poor design, tough to navigate

Way too much going on in this app without proper content organization. Not much you couldn’t find online, not a well thought out app.

Inaccurate/Fails to load data randomly...

The Schedule is not accurate, sometimes fails to load data and like looking at the 9ths events, it lists the 10ths, etc. The Only Live option doesn’t seem to function. While I knew this would be a challenge with the Olympics being on the other side of the world, making an app that can keep up should not have been that hard!


Not good

App won’t open

App said it needed an update, it took me to App Store. Only option given was to (open) nothing to update. It’s now just stuck on a pinwheel and will not load. Have tried multiple times with rebooting phone as well.

Zero stars!

Won’t open! Keeps telling me upgrade needed but never upgrades!


Cannot get app to open.

Great app

Let's you set event notifications. Easy to see what event is occurring and all schedules. Let's you easily see all info you could want for the 2018 Olympics.

Don't get this app

This app needs help. Constantly shuts off! So annoying

Too many crashes

Difficult to learn what is available due to frequent crashes Bud

Wrong schedule

The app doesn’t show the correct local user time for events. Nothing happens when you try to tap an event, no details. Embarrassing “official” app for the organizers.

So much info

This app has so much information about each sporting event including each medal event and when it’s happening. It has detailed information on how the sport ‘works’ and is judged. They even have photos and details about each of the venues. I have never known this much about all of the Olympic events!! Great job on this app!!!


Overall, the app just doesn't look all that attractive. Tired graphics. GIF of Olympic mascot has no practicality with iPhone - not enough screen space. Biggest problem is when choosing my local time in the settings, all events are displayed on the schedule in PyeongChang time. Lame. Not helpful.

Language of the app

How do I change the language of the App Store? I chose English for the app but the store shows Chinese.

Outdated information

When I look up the schedule of events, they are clearly different from the website. Beware of this is your only source of information.

Schedule is wrong!

The schedule in the app differs from that on the website with one day. What is the correct schedule? Both are “official”... Also, please add a time zone converter, for the app as well as for the website.

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